Thursday, March 12, 2009

The CCP Likes 草尼馬

Along the same vein of my last post, a lovely little article from the New York Times on the elusive "grass-mud horse".

Such plays on words in Chinese are nothing new. I'm reminded of the story from Tiananmen Square, where protesters shouted "Ten Thousand Years of [Deng]Xiaoping", but if you change the tones just a little, it sounds like "Smash the little bottle into ten thousand pieces" which is then a reference to smashing Deng Xiaoping in a similar way.

My own name in Chinese is a play on words of sorts. In Chinese, I am Zhang Bai Lian (baise lianhua) or White Lotus Zhang - which is a near-direct translation of the meaning, though not the sound, of my English name.

Change the tones and it becomes White Face Zhang. Haha funny, right?

Anyway, we can only hope that the grass-mud horse defeats the evil river crab. The sooner, the better.


roentarre said...

Your name is so poetic! Lotus? Very buddhist feel in deed.

Jenna said...

I suppose so! I chose it because my full name, in Celtic (first)/Polish (last), means "pure white flower".

Since Jie Na and Jie Ni Fa (the phonetics for my first name) sound kind of dumb and "foreign", and Bai Hua ("White Flower") is a 'country girl's name' with a stigma attached to it that only 'simple' girls are called that, it became Bai Lian.