Saturday, May 9, 2009

Up Late Again

Some xiao tou stole the headlight on my bike (a flashlight-style thing that screws...well, screwed...onto the handlebars). They unscrewed it a bit, popped out the light, and left the screw mechanism on the bar.

It's not a big deal, but I'm still quite annoyed.

So here's my dilemma. Do I:

A.) Forget it, buy a new NT$100 light and remove it each night to store in our apartment when I park the bike in our building's foyer;

B.) Call my landlady's niece and ask her what the right move would be, since the thief almost certainly lives in our building;

C.) A, but Krazy-Glue the new flashlight to the screw-thing. I'd add some bike-chain oil so any potential thieves would get their hands messed up, but that might cause me to inadvertently mess my own hands up.


D.) Write a brusk note in Chinese that says "Dear Thief: Why did you steal my bike light? Did you think it was an OK thing to do? Could you not just buy your own light? It's not only aggravating, it's shameful. Did your mother raise you to have such bad morals? Is this the impression you want foreigners to have of Taiwan? Please return it and I won't ask who you are. Or don't return it...and bite me. Sincerely, your foreigner 'friend' upstairs."

(Yes, I can knock out an acceptable translation of that in Chinese, and according to Sasha, 'bite me' is acceptable as a literal translation in Taiwan. Woo!)


Todd said...

The note sounds like a good idea. Make sure you write a very big note so that any of your neighbors who pass it are sure to read it.

As for a new light, you can buy one that clips on and off with no effort to save yourself some time and energy.

Sasha said...

my suggestion is to choose "A" & leave a note. sometimes the thief doesn't steal the light for his own bike but for cash in~~.

Jenna said...

Yeah, we think they sold it or are using it as a regular flashlight, because I checked all the other bikes in our foyer...none have a new light.

I bought a new light, and am still considering a note. I'm keeping the light in my apartment when not on my bike, though!