Thursday, July 16, 2009

[Redacted], Government of Taiwan

So we didn't get chosen to be among the top 50 teams in the Taiwan Explorers contest.

I'm not sure why - everyone who saw the video thought it was hilarious and I personally felt our idea was quite strong. While some videos were undoubtedly better (Forumosa Adventurers comes to mind), I felt our personality and character more than made up for a lack of swish in the video. Could be that my blog was linked there and it's an unabashedly pro-independence, politically UN-neutral, China-hatin', leaning-green blog. Could be that the government lackeys in charge of reviewing the entries didn't get our vision of Taiwan and love of local culture.

But hey, I got to be a sore loser and drink a lovely Malbec last week, when the wounds were fresh. Nobody ever said I was gracious in defeat (or ungracious...usually just tipsy).

So this week - [redacted], Department of Tourism, and [redacted], KMT. I never liked you anyway, though you're worlds better than China and at least you were sort-of elected. We're gonna go to Orchid Island sometime next month and enjoy it doubly. Because we can.

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