Monday, July 6, 2009

Riots in Xinjiang

Scores Die in Ethnic Clashes in Western China

Yes, I am the one ranting a bit in the comments section.

If anyone who has commented below calling the Uighurs "crazy" or "terrorists" had actually been to Xinjiang or even met an Uighur, they wouldn't be talking that way. That is language borne of ignorance, stereotyping, and hate. Just because they're Muslims, their political grievances (against a government recognized around the world to be oppressive, corrupt, and self-serving) are dismissed as so much insanity and jihad.

And that's sad.

I have been to Xinjiang and honestly, it was a real eye-opener after a stay in Han-dominated China that left me with two distinct impressions - one of very friendly Chinese citizens and the other of a horrific government that needs to be taken down.

Uighurs are oppressed. I've seen it with my own eyes. They are. Their graves are dug up in order to build high rises (that will house resettled Chinese). Their mosques are destroyed to widen roads. Their culture is repressed to the point that most Uighurs are disgusted by the state that rules them.

It is one of the great human tragedies that the West is willing to invade a country like Iraq while leaving the people of Xinjiang - friendly, hospitable people who only want a fair rule of law - nothing but a turned head an an accusation of being terrorists.

But they are not terrorists - they are protesters. They're only labeled terrorists because of the ignorance of the outside world and the distortion of the Chinese government's media outlets.

I blame nobody but the Chinese government for this. Their policies have screwed up Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan (an independent country) and the rest of their own country so much that all we can do now is hope they fall in favor of a real government - one that values its people and allows them basic human rights.


Brendan said...

"I blame nobody but the Chinese government for this. Their policies have screwed up ... Taiwan"

I think the PRC has done a fine job running Taiwan. I think Taiwan has turned out to be the China's most successful province and I think Beijing should start governing its other provinces in precisely the same way it's governed Taiwan for the past 60 years.

zoossh said...

Brendan, I hope what you posted is not a result of China's censorship.

PRC had not step a single foot in Taiwan till the very second I'm typing this. You probably are refering to ROC which is the name of the regime within Taiwan, regardless of whether the regime is in favor or against the name of ROC. Nonetheless, neither Taiwan nor ROC, does not represent China, neither de jure, de facto or even opinionated by most people in China or in Taiwan.

The claim of Taiwan being a province of China (on the assumption that "China" does not exclude, and is indeed represented by "PRC") is at best a claim and only by some people. This claim is at best similar to ROC's claim on the whole of Taiwan, PRC, Mongolia and many small territories in PRC's bordering countries. These are only claims because they are not being practised.

I do not exclude the possibility of you being a troll trying to state what is obviously not true, but for the benefit of doubts, I hope the above give you some idea about the de facto terminologies.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to XinJiang, but have the great experience of getting robbed twice by Uighurs while I was working in China last year.

If most of the people getting harmed and killed are hans, then the masses of Uighurs who did this would fit the description of "terrorists". If the Han Chinese mob killed hundreds of Uighurs, I wouldn't hesitate to at least label the mob as "terrorists".

Jenna said...

zoossh - Brendan's joking. How do I know he's joking? He's my fiance.

The joke is meant to imply that China's done such a crappy job of governing itself that it can only hope to be as well-run and developed as Taiwan (I know Taiwan has its own problems, but compared to China...please). And as such, the CCP should govern itself the way it governs in, not govern it at all and let some more qualified people do it. Then China might not be so messed up.

Anonymous - the Han have been killing Uighurs (granted not mass executions that I know of, but still) for quite some time. The Uighurs are protesting, they are not terrorists. Besides, it seems that most of the dead are actually Uighurs.

The only terrorists here are the members of the Communist Party of China.

Jenna said...

Actually, I take that back. I am sure Han Chinese are dying in this, too. It's inevitable.

But I still say that the Uighurs are justified in protesting (not in killing civilians, but definitely in protesting) and that the CCP needs to be overthrown. Stat.