Thursday, August 20, 2009



We are pretty sure we've found a wedding venue...for real this time:

This is good, because I was getting really tired of Googling and waiting for mom to visit various sites and report back with reasons why they weren't suitable. We want to keep this as close to a 'party' as possible without hosting it at home (our house, while large, can't possibly accommodate my entire family, all of whom I am close to and all of whom are really excited about what is partly a family reunion). That is, NOT a "Wedding". A party. Parties - where you get to see, spend time with, and celebrate with your loved ones - are worth every penny spent on them. In these dark economic times a little fun becomes even more precious, I'd say. A wedding? So not worth the time and effort people pour into them.

As such, planning should be fun, not stressful. The minute it's stressful is the minute it starts to feel like a Wedding...not a party. Google-visit-google-visit-google-visit was starting to become stressful.

It's down-to-earth, a bit rustic without being inconvenient, affordable, scenic and friendly. Couldn't ask for better, really!

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