Friday, June 25, 2010

Sigh. Where's my beret and disaffected nature?

Sorry I've been horrid at updating this week. I have this post I want to write on my opinions on Taiwan's health insurance and healthcare systems, since I work with a lot of people directly involved in them (I list them separately because plenty of private clinics do not accept national health insurance, and clinics can be run and operated privately, so as far as I'm concerned, health insurance may be public, but health care is partially public and partially private).

The thing is, I've also been busy, so tackling a daunting post like that is just not something I've had time for this week. I'm like the quintessential overworked, fickle-mused writer. "Oh, I can't do that now, I'm not 'feeling' the 'vibes' for writing it. I'll do it later."

Good thing this isn't my job or anything.

Instead, enjoy Webspar, the South African import store near Dingxi station. It's in a nondescript building on the 4th floor (the sign as you enter says 8th - that's wrong) a short walk from Dingxi MRT Exit 1). You can get all sorts of random stuff, even with their small selection. I went for the real, and very affordable, Rooibos tea (which I love). NT$50 for 20 sachets. Far cheaper than anywhere else I could get Rooibos. We also got some odd South African soft drinks and Hunt's Gold cider.

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