Sunday, September 12, 2010

more wedding photos from my Aunt Donna

My sash didn't flip perfectly as the ceremony started


my cousin Blake

cousins Chris and Alessa

the wedding party (missing Beth and Tim)

I love this one

The Peace Sign Surprise

Grandmas Lois and Grace, family friend Ev, Aunt Phyllis, family friend Kenny

Brendan's brother escorting my mother

Brendan's parents

Our ring bearer, being offered candy in exchange for the ring box.

Ring exchange

Ring exchange


Shalini and Deepa

my mom wearing the scarf I bought her in India

Grandpa Armen

my hair

Uncle Randy, Aunt Megi and our ring bearer, Nikola

me and my mom

our "cake" (tiramisu) topper

Photos by Donna Renjilian - she's not a "pro" pro but you'd never tell - she's really talented.

Next up - Stirling's photos!

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