Friday, April 29, 2011


I promise I'm not at home surfing the Internet on a perfectly good Friday night. I'm out at a cafe drinking beer and surfing the Internet with my awesome husband on a perfectly good Friday night!

We're not planning on doing much - Brendan has work this weekend (special project) and I've had two late nights in the past week (house party on Saturday and I actually went out dancing for the first time in years this past Wednesday) so we're not up for being exciting and cool.

Well, I'm drinking Piraat, which is a 10.5% Belgian brew, so that's kinda cool.

But anyway. Look at my new hair! That color is not a trick of the light - it really is that red now. I can't recommend Eddie at Mix & Match strongly enough if you are a Westerner and want a haircut that actually works for you.

I decided to go back to the fiery red of my college days because I realized I missed it, and it always did work with my complexion. It's hard to pull a color like this off, but I think I have the skin tone and personality to make it work.

Besides, work is skipping along at an amazing pace and I felt like I deserved a haircut that was both fun&bold but also more professionally acceptable than my previously untamed locks.

I know it's a horrid iPhone pic, but whaddya think?


Anonymous said...

Love the hair. When I first met you it was either pink or purple. The next time I saw you it was either purple or pink. Love you, my beautiful daughter-in-law.


Thoth Harris said...

Very nice! It's believable too, since, at least from the blurry pic, you have freckles! You look gentle and confident.

Jenna said...

Aww, thanks! Love you too, mom!

Thoth - those aren't freckles. I just have bad skin despite seeing a dermatologist almost weekly. But it's OK - I've come to terms with it, sorta. Taiwan's weather will do that to sensitive skin.

Jenna said...

BTW, you totally missed my blue phase, black phase, hibiscus/fuchsia phase and green-and-blue streaked phase...but you did catch the pink and the purple!

I still think that purple really suited me and if it were possible to have a color like that and still work in a professional context, I would.

Kathmeista said...

LOVE it! You look stunning :)

catherine_sr. said...

I love it! Red suits you.
I had purple highlights for a while, but my stylist couldn't get the dye right, so I ended up picking up several bottles of Manic Panic while I was back in the US. I stopped dyeing my hair, though, because I need to double-process bleach it. So if you ever want to go back to purple and want some awesome dye, let me know!

Jenna said...

I might take you up on that someday! (although purple dye in non-bleached black hair can create a cool anime effect in the light and you could probably get away with that at work - I have to look nominally acceptable in stuffy corporate offices. Not that they are all stuffy, but some are).

The awesome dye jobs that always come out right are are a reason I keep going to Eddie.That and the fact that he cuts my hair so it feels weightless and voluminous - something stylists in more typical salons can't seem to do, because they're all trained mostly to cut Asian hair.

This time around the dye didn't take all the way at first, because I have, ahem, "special" hair (special = naturally oily, as far as I can tell) so he ran through it a second time.