Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jam, glorious jam!

(02)2700-4249 / (02) 2700-4409

A great find along Heping E. Road - an unassuming little smoothie stand (the kind where you point to fruits or veggies and they make you a smoothie from what you chose) on the south side just east of Fuxing...

...but inside - jam! Glorious homemade jam from local fruit in a variety of delicious flavors. They even have (wait for it)...marmalade and apple butter! The marmalade is sweeter than I normally like it but the apple butter is perfect. Not labeled as such, of course. They've got a ginger preserve, big chunky strawberry preserve, a kumquat jam and some other goodies. At NT$90 on average, it's a bargain too - far better than the NT$100-$300 imported commercially produced jams at Jason's and City Super.

I bought the apple butter. Yum yum. The smoothies are good, too.

Go here. Buy jam.


catherine_sr. said...

Awesome! Those look so good. I love Red On Tree and they have creative flavors, but their fruit spreads are a bit too pricey for everyday. I will definitely check out the apple butter.

Sandy H. 何聖欣 said...

REALLY?? Apple butter?? That is a rare find here! I will look for it next time I head to Taipei.

Cahleen Hudson said...

I can't wait to try this stuff! I love little things like this, even though I know it would be more economical to buy a big thing of jam at Costco, it's not the same.