Friday, May 13, 2011

iPhone Photo Day II on Lao Ren Cha!

What I want to know is who throws a hot dog, complete with ketchup, into the toilet.

Someone put sunglasses on her dog and took him to Da'an Park.

A sculpture near the SOGO in Tianmu. For serious. What were they thinking?

What's funny about this - if I have to tell you - is that "big brother octopus" is "predicting" that it is dangerous to park or drive your car on train tracks.

I really needed an octopus to tell me that.

I love this building. I can't figure out where it is, but I can see it from the HQ of one company I teach at near Raohe Night Market - from the mountains, it seems to be north of Bade Road. Someday I'll set out on foot to try and get a better photo. From the 1950s tailfin balconies to the color scheme to the weird cement artsy touches, I just adore it. I'd want to live there if it were nearer the MRT.

I wonder what we'll see from this up-and-coming young political star, Mayor Chen! (found in a used bookstore).

Baby Panda Tumor Go!

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fred.reddy said...

Oh no! I was going to eat that hot dog! Great photos, BTW.