Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yet Another Update: Indian Food in Taipei

From this post, which I keep updating.

First and foremost, Calcutta Indian Food in Ximen has moved. Go to the old place at #126 Kunming Street (follow Chengdu Rd. from MRT Ximen and turn right on Kunming),  then keep going to the first light. Turn right and across the street from Holiday KTV there is a building called "U2". The new location is in the basement food court, towards the back. The food is still the same great stuff. They have Kingfisher!

Secondly, we tried Mayur Indian and it's great, but dosa is no longer on the menu (not enough demand).

Finally, I found a new place -  south side of Ren'ai Road, beween Jianguo and Fuxing (near Howard Hotel). Haven't tried it yet - but will go soon and report back. I'm currently doing "research" by eating at every Mexican/Tex-Mex place I know of in Taipei to do a post on it, but I can sacrifice one evening out to get more Indian, ha ha.


J said...

The Taipei foodie community deeply appreciates your sacrifice!

Goofy said...

Thanks for the information :)
Much appreciated!

John Scott said...

Looking for Mexican/Tex-mex in Taipei?? Sounds like you are quite the optimist :)

To me, there are simply places in the world (specifically either Mexico or the southern-most regions of the U.S. states that border Mexico) where you know you can find true Mex/Tex-mex satisfaction, and then there are places where you are better off not even setting yourself up for disappointment.

But I admit to being very picky about some things. Like tamales.... even the best tamales nowadays never seem to taste nearly as good as my grandma's homemade tamales :)

For some reason, this brings to mind a place I have heard about, but never been to— a Swedish restaurant in Taipei. Have you been there? Seems I recall hearing it is/was in the Renai Circle area.