Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bago and Mt. Kyaiktiyo in Photos: Last Stop in Burma

 photo 1891562_10152272001406202_1140129018_o.jpg

For our last stop, we took an overnight bus down a winding, horrible road from Nyaungshwe to Bago - I was fine though, hopped up on Dramamine and no longer sick. The bus provided us with blankets in a horrifying pattern:

Not creepy at all. photo 1890653_10152272000706202_696704265_o.jpg


Otherwise there's not that much more to say about our trip to Burma, so this post will be mostly photos.

 photo 1956880_10152272001036202_1241531060_o.jpg

She looks rather bored for someone sitting so close to a huge Burmese python. photo 1891616_10152272001066202_488209123_o.jpg

 photo 1614143_10152272001111202_1816066617_o.jpg

 photo 1900289_10152272001381202_253764705_o.jpg

 photo 1795959_10152272001391202_1399112728_o.jpg

 photo 1957868_10152272001741202_1285033432_o.jpg

 photo 1655233_10152272001721202_186642737_o.jpg

 photo 1956891_10152272001711202_1076709586_o.jpg

 photo 1956810_10152272001866202_445831746_o.jpg

 photo 1939520_10152272002021202_513667502_o.jpg

I'd quite like to know what this says about the USA. photo 1421083_10152272002121202_657243044_o.jpg

Locked-up Buddha photo 1599822_10152272002156202_383584819_o.jpg

That's some manicure. photo 1614246_10152272002191202_1131392724_o.jpg

Seems great until you contemplate why extra life insurance should be necessary. photo 1913468_10152272002366202_666032167_o.jpg

 photo 1957848_10152272002431202_2040508217_o.jpg

 photo 1617970_10152272002466202_936928965_o.jpg

 photo 1891523_10152272002636202_442951108_o.jpg

 photo 1655349_10152272002651202_2130150362_o.jpg

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