Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Haircuts for Western Women: Eddie's Moved!

Awhile back - several years ago, actually - I blogged about good haircuts for Western women.

Well, Eddie's moved and I thought you all should know. His new address is:

Pica Hair Salon
Eddie Tham
Zhongxiao E. Road Section 4 #76 3rd Floor (MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 3)

Eddie still, in my opinion, does the best hair in Taiwan, especially if you need someone who can handle Western hair. 


TravellingAK said...

Ah, I remember that post and even if many European women have hair that is far more fine than the Taiwanese women it's good to have a selection. I found an excellent hairdresser in Taipei myself, he understood the much much finer Scandinavian hair really well - but haven't found anyone who can dye my hair yet. The chemicals in Asia are way too strong for normal scandinavian hair. Do you happen to know what hair colour your Eddie is using? I am moving to Taiwan August 31 so I am starting to get a bit desperate, I really don't want to have to do my hair myself, but I need colour in it, the sun bleeches it too much...

Jenna Cody said...

No, but you can call him and ask (he speaks great English). I get my hair dyed there (at 33 I'm going gray!) and although my hair had always been touchy, frizzy and damaged, his dyes don't bother it.

TravellingAK said...

Thanks Jena, I'll stop by and check as soon as I am in Taiwan, always better to see it for myself. Also tried to search for "my" brand but the websites for Taiwan are in Chinese so that doesn't help me. Yet... :-)