Monday, March 23, 2009

Lehua Night Market

It says "Beer and sausage - definitely good friends". I agree.

Yesterday we headed out to the city of Yonghe, a suburb of Taipei that's just brimming with class and sophistication -


- to check out Lehua Night Market, revered by my students as the best in the Taipei area.

While I disagree that it's the best in the area, I have to admit that as a night market it combines an exuberance of the sacred...

Hey, adorable kids with balloon hats are sacred!

...and the profane...

Look for the new James Bond film, Goldenbum, in a theater near you!

...that I find truly amusing.

And for Yonghe, famous for Yonghe Soy Milk, old waishengren from Sichuan and a fantastic Sichuanese restaurant, at least one organized crime racket known as the Zhu Lian, love hotels and the Museum of World Religion, I have to say it's pretty sizeable and pretty good. Worth a look if you are interested in exploring every nook and cranny that Taipei and surrounds has to offer.

Some photos, for the heck of it:

You know, I've eaten frog. It's not half bad. Rubbery, but flavorful and unique. Does not taste like chicken. This frog, however, looks horrific. Seriously, this is enough to make me go vegetarian. Poor little guy.

Incense burners and lights

Straight from Japan - the world's tiniest hot dog, in gummie form!

My sister, the starving college student, tries on clothes as she contemplates making extra money as a betel nut beauty.

Something about "Grandpa Brand" white pepper powder had me in giggles for...minutes.

Joseph and the amazing deep-fried oyster spinach pie. It was pretty good actually.


MJ Klein said...

i like frog too, but not when they simply take the cleaver and section the thing into pieces and send them straight to the cooking pan without cleaning them.

joanh said...

haha.. went there for the second time recently.. i'm thankful i didn't see that poor frog though. might have sent me running!