Some of my favorite blogs - I'm always adding, and I don't take away even if the blog itself seems to be dead.

Women Rule The World, or at least, Taiwan

Taipology - Journalist Angelica Oung's substack on all things Taiwan

Katy's Blog - I just realized that writer Katy Hui-wen Hung has a blog!

Typing To Taipei - Monica Hart's blog, strong events focus

Attorney on a Journey - travel and leisure, funky spots

Taiwan Trails and Tails - two women who hike the mountains and hills of Taiwan

Polish Girl In Taiwan - popular travel spots in Taiwan - a lot of these have been blogged before, but her posts are more recent

Vegan Dan Dan -Dan Dan's blog on veganism - I'm not vegan but it's interesting nonetheless

My Several Worlds - structured more like a travel website than a blog

Kayla Meets Culture - a blog by a woman living in Kinmen

Veronika's Adventure - a general travel blog, but her Taiwan archives are good

Taiwanxifu - stopped updating a few years ago, most recent post that pops up is 2011 

Tricky Taipei - some interesting content - design and branding isn't my bag but what she does, she does well

My Little Taiwan - still about Taiwan, though I think the writer moved to Berlin

All Aboard Taiwan - travel blog updated every few months it seems

Far From Formosa - doesn't update often but excellent content when she does

Current Affairs in Taiwan

Ketagalan Media (more of a 'new media' outfit than a blog; I write for them occasionally)

The View From Taiwan (ended, but still has great content)

Letters from Taiwan (rarely posts)

Frozen Garlic (a blog about elections)

Taiwan In Perspective (more of a current affairs website, heavily defense-oriented)

Taiwan Insight (again not really a blog, but good)

The Scholar's Stage (Tanner Greer's excellent blog - not always about Taiwan but when it is, it's great)

The Writing Baron (James Baron's blog on current affairs)

Taiwanreporter (German-language blog by Taiwan-based reporter Klaus Bardenhagen)

In Beijing (don't let the name fool you, Swedish journalist Jojje Olsson is in Taiwan - mix of Swedish and English content)

Taiwan Sentinel (technically a news site)

Taipei Teen Tribune (want to know what Taiwanese teens think? I do!)

Taiwan Gazette (again, technically journalism, but is there a big difference these days?)

Taiwanese Culture, History, Hiking, Insights and Travel

Balancing Frogs (my husband Brendan's blog: lots of book reviews and general musing)

Taiwan Scene (official blog of MyTaiwanTour: I'm a guest columnist)

Snarky Tofu - Joshua Samuel Brown's personal blog

Steven Crook's personal blog/site

Synapticism (lots of urban exploration and road trips)

The Daily Bubble Tea (oldie and goodie)

Hidden Taiwan (interesting places and history)

Taiwan Obsessed (Nick Kembel's blog about Taiwan)

Taiwan Everything (some interesting, rarely-visited destinations - more of a website than a blog)

Pashan (stopped updating in 2009, sadly)

Foreigners in Taiwan (interesting places)

Poagao's Journal (by foreigner-turned-Taiwan-citizen TC Lin, who seems to have been around longer than any of us)

Lief In Taiwan (ended in 2012 it seems)

Peasants Taiwan (satire blog, great for a laugh)

Foreigners in Taiwan - US expats blogging in Taiwan

Keywords - the personal blog of Kerim Friedman, a professor living in Taiwan


Check out other place-or-area specific blogs on Synaptic's blogroll here or Foreigners in Taiwan's blogroll here

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