Best of Taipei

Dedicated to sussing out and posting about the best Taipei has to offer. For now you'll mostly see food here, but I intend to expand this section to include activities, hiking, small museums, historic buildings etc..

The Best Pizza

2019 updates: the best coffee and cafes (with links to map and older posts)

The Best Sweets

The Best Indian Food (now its own page!)

The Best Teahouses

Some of my favorite Taipei restaurants:

Auntie Xie's - (near Ximen) - old school Taiwanese food run by old ladies in hair nets, meals are set and set price depending on what they're cooking. Usually about NT300 per person.

Hui Guan - (near Xinyi/Tonghua Roads) - Ningxia Muslim food, a delicious fusion between Chinese and Central Asian cuisine. Everything they have is excellent.

Tian Fu - (Yonghe) - the best Sichuanese in Taiwan. Seriously.

Korean House Village - (Shida) - the only truly Korean restaurant we've found in Taipei (although others are good). This place rocks the house and they rock it all the way down, yeah!

Kunming Islamic Food - (MRT Nanjing E. Road) - also mentioned in my Indian Restaurants post, this place is an eternal favorite for their amazing samosas and fiery curries

Harbin Dumpling King - (SYS Memorial Hall) - not just dumplings and not food from Harbin - but really good. Try their spiced kebabs.

Shao Shao Ke - (Ren'ai Road) - Xi'an (Central Chinese) food done excellently with a fine atmosphere

Yuanlin Taiwanese Dumplings - (MRT Technology Building) - specializing in 肉圓, or fried rice gluten dumplings filled with meat, mushrooms and bamboo and topped with a delicious gravy

Naruwan Indigenous People's Market - (at the arse end of Guangzhou Street near Longshan Temple) - go here for the aboriginal mountain pig, try the pomelo sausage, and definitely get a cup of coffee from the coffee purveyor

The Noodle House - (Xinyi/Jianguo Roads) - fiery 紅油抄手 (wontons in chili oil) are a specialty here, also try their raw papaya in passionfruit sauce and coriander chicken small dishes

Tiger Noodle (Jinhua/Yongkang Streets)- noodles or rice puffs in fiery Sichuan-style soup

Golden Chicken Garden Dumplings, or as the normals call it, Rooster Park (Yongkang Street) - excellent dumplings and other dishes, better and cheaper than Dingtaifung down the street - link in Chinese

Taiwan Daughter-in-law (Songde Road/Xinyi) - excellent old-school Taiwanese food. Try their dry noodles - link in Chinese

Tainan Shrimp Roll Rice - (Dihua Street) - I have no link for this place, it's a tiny restaurant that's half outside on Dihua Street, just across from the south end of Yongle Market. There are a lot of small restaurants here near the public square area, and this one is further in the lane, at the intersection of two lanes. The chopsticks are held in Colman's Mustard tins. It has the best Tainan-style shrimp roll rice in all of Taipei.

Burma Street - (Zhonghe/Nanshijiao) - not a restaurant itself, but a street full of Burmese restaurants. Especially recommended is Golden Peacock

Yubo Dining Hall - (Lishui Street) - excellent seafood with a Japanese flair.

Two excellent Japanese restaurants and one great Thai restaurant - all in southern Taipei

BBQ Stinky Tofu in Shenkeng - any stand will do. I like it with the pickled spicy cabbage

Some of my favorite food in the rest of Taiwan:

Mountain pig on the North Cross Island Highway - sorry, no directions. Any restaurant deep in the mountains on this road that is basically a shack will have excellent food.

Flying fish on the east coast - yes, it's a link to the same post above. Any small restaurant south of Hualien on the coastal highway will have excellent flying fish. We stopped at one near Shitiping.

Anping Dou Hua - a touristy dou hua (tofu pudding in sweet broth) restaurant in Anping near Tainan, but I promise you they have really, truly excellent dou hua (surprisingly so for a touristy place)

Fresh seafood in Donggang - make sure to eat at Donggang's harbor. Don't bother with the restaurants closer to the temple or in the main part of town. The harbor is where it's at.