Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Sun Is In the Sky, Oh Why Oh Why...

...would I wanna be anywhere else?

In the absence of the mental energy needed to do a real blog post, here are a few of my recent photos.

All of these photos except for three were taken in Taipei. You get an A+ if you can pinpoint which three. A++ if you can tell me where in Taiwan those three were taken.

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John Scott said...

The offices with the blue and yellow windows look like the place in 中和 (中正路?) where I used to go to do some training at a tech company.

I thought the colored windows were a very nice idea, seeing as how difficult it can sometimes be to locate the correct building the first time you come to a big office park full of newly-built, identical, square-box office buildings.

Probably speeds up pizza deliveries, too!