Saturday, February 12, 2011

I like to give my opinion.

Hey all. Go buy a Taipei Times tomorrow (Sunday) and check the opinion page. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

i saw your letter to editor today, good one Jerna....can you write a new one about the terrible childish ddesin of the new Touristm logo from Uk firm that is D minus junk? write a good letter about it as you did at David blog! go go girl! today's letter was good. keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

a critic in UK tells me:

"Too many things shouldn't be in there: Confucius temple (upper left),
Chinese lanterns (just below the temple), chopsticks (bottom right),
kindergarten drawings, tea. I do like the butterfly, Taipei 101, and the
Aboriginal motif, but it needs to be more uniquely representative of Taiwan
-- not "Chinese-y" Taiwan. The "voting" symbol (looks like 卜 in a circle),
Jade Mountain, Taroko Gorge, the 高 building in Kaohsiung… there are all
kinds of things that would have fit the bill (if only someone had spent the
time and effort to find a few that were suitable for a design). But that's
what happens when a Chinese KMT gov't chooses a firm from England, WINKREATIVE, wink wink and
introduces them to all that Chinese-y stuff.

Kathmeista said...

Bought it, read it, totally agreed with it. Good stuff and well said! Now, to get the politicians to listen....