Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Dome of Light

We spent most of Chinese New Year in Kaohsiung (more posts - a whole bunch of posts, in fact - coming on that) and one thing I took a lot of photos of was the Dome of Light in Formosa Boulevard MRT Station. I am hardly the first person to do this (a simple Google search proves that) but I still want to share the photos I took in that set. Friends and relatives back home who haven't seen pictures on other Taiwan blogs might enjoy it, I figure.

Most photos I see online of the Dome of Light are large-scale, encompassing the entire stained glass ceiling - I prefer more close-up images that study the various aspects of the design.

I love how almost the same picture from the same vantage point can take on two very different hues with just the tiniest push of color balance when editing photos. Usually it takes more to get such a dramatic change in color and light:

First we're bluish green...

...then we're greenish yellow!

The Dome of Light is the largest single piece of glasswork in the world, and was designed by Narcissus Quagliata, which is officially the coolest name in the world.

Apparently the Dome of Light, which is already a Kaohsiung tourist attraction to rival the British Consulate, Cijin Island and Lotus Lake, will be offered as a wedding venue. If we hadn't gotten married in the USA, I totally would have jumped at the chance to get married here!

I did overhear two separate conversations in which locals from Kaohsiung were telling their relatives in town for Chinese New Year to go see it.

The dome is 30 meters in diameter and is made up of 4,500 glass panels.

I have nothing more to say that Wikipedia can't tell you, so just go ahead and enjoy the photos!

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Kath said...

Lovely pictures! I love this place. Hope you had a great Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit is good to you!