Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Beautiful Isle

As Typhoon Sinlaku continues to dump water on us, I've decided to pass a little time by posting my favorite photos from Taiwan taken over the 2 years I've resided here. Unfortunately, all of my photos from the past six months or so - not yet stored safely online - are gone forever. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and with it went all of my old data. We tried a recovery but there wasn't much they could do for us.

Oh well. Without further ado:

Carp Lake (Liyu Tan) in the East Rift Valley

Kid Running Up Stairs in Jingtong (Pingxi)

The view from my first apartment's bedroom window. Super!

Fu (happiness) in Lugang

Lishan at Sunset - I always loved this aspect of Lishan, the way the clouds and mountains turn peach pink in the evenings and things quiet down instead of pipe up and get brighter.

Fortune Teller - Chongqing Street

Leaf on a Rainy Day - Pinglin

Zodiac Animals & Such, Some Temple in Lugang

Magong at Night (Penghu)

Temple Tiger, Tainan

Another shot from the upper end of Taroko Gorge

Chili Peppers Drying - Taipei

Chinese New Year Shopping at Dihua Street, Taipei 2007

Buddha (Guanyin?) at Tianxiang

Temple at Night in Penghu

From a temple in Tainan

Brendan taking a photo from the summit of Shulongjian in Jingtong (Pingxi)

I know Taroko Gorge is the standard stop for foreign travelers and expats, but it can still be quite charming and photogenic. I took this towards the coastal end of the Gorge, not far from the Martyr's memorial.

The giant chess pieces on a sidewalk in Xinyi (near Taipei 101)

Martial Arts Guy, Lantern Festival daytime procession, Tainan 2007

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