Saturday, October 25, 2008

More on Zhang

You know, I don't like this guy. He almost makes me want to change my Chinese name (Zhang Bai Lian - white lotus, not white face though it's a great conversation starter at parties).

Though I'm still not an advocate of beating him up while he was visiting the Confucius temple just because beating people up is what the Evil side does, and I'm all for Good (in this case, Taiwan) - beating people up is what the CCP does to dissidents and what the old KMT did to dissidents, too.

Here's a video of what went down - literally -

I dunno. Some people say it was pushes, kicks and punches plus an attack on the car. Some say it was a 'fall' and no violent action. Some say it was a push, but not with punching.

Looking at it, I see a push, and the guy who picks him up doesn't want to help him; that's dragging. A different guy leads him away. I do see what appear to be a few kicks and some raised fists, but it's true that there aren't any actual punches.

There's definitely an attack on the car, but it wouldn't have done bodily harm to anyone inside.

At the end, it still makes Taiwan look bad - whether or not that's fair, which it isn't, that's what's happening in the press - and that's still not going to help the cause.

I do have to agree with the shouting dude though. Taiwan bu shi Zhongguo de. Right on.

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