Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taiwan's own Dream Job

So Taiwan has gone ahead and decided to hold a contest similar to "the best job in the world", which has been making waves around the globe.

Applications will be accepted as of June 1st - 50 teams will be chosen to travel around Taiwan for four days and blog about their experiences, and will be paid NT $7,000 per day to do so. Of those 50, the tourism bureau will choose one and pay them a whopping NT $1 million (not the same as US$1 million but definitely not to be sneezed at - that's a very comfortable sum that most Taiwanese do not make in a year). For that $1 million, they will travel around Taiwan for a month and blog every day about their experiences.

Dude. I am so there. I love talking about how great Taiwan is and uploading lots of photos to prove it. I've said before - after a few beers, mind you - that the tourism department should hire me as their creative director in charge of promoting Taiwan in the West. It'd be fantastic if someone wanted to pay me to do that. I just broached the subject of applying with Brendan and he's all for it, too. Yay!

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