Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vote for us!

Well, Brendan Sasha and I have gone ahead and submitted our video for the Taiwan Explorers contest. Here's the link to our entry:

So, vote for us!

(Despite my newly acquired video editing 'skills')!


Cahleen @ The Alt Story said...

Oh my gosh! My husband and I were sitting next to you at that coffee shop in Jingmei today (used to be 3C but now it's something else). How weird. I always read your blog but I had know idea what you looked like so I didn't know it was you next to me. Small world! Anyway, I just voted for you. Good luck! We should hang out sometime since we live so close. =)

Cahleen @ The Alt Story said...

Also, my husband thinks he used to work with you at Kojen in Shilin. Did you used to work there?

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

Haha, that was me! We were there earlier today killing time before Slumdog Millionaire's 3pm showing at the bargain theater. Your husband looked mighty familiar but since he didn't seem to recognize me, I figured he wasn't the person I thought. But he is - I did used to work at the Kojen in Shilin and quit not long after he started (for multiple reasons that I won't post here; mostly the pay was too low but there were other factors).

We definitely should hang out sometime - I live right in Jingmei on the other side of Roosevelt, about a minute from the MRT. We shot most of that video at the stinky tofu stand down Jingfu Street. The laobanniang is awesome. Drop me an e-mail sometime at channamasala -at- gmail -dot- com.

We had a blast making the video and hope it shows. I'm especially fond of the part featuring our cat.

Cahleen @ The Alt Story said...

Believe me, I understand all about Kojen. Both my husband and I used to work there, and neither of us do now. Enough said! My husband wasn't sure if you were the girl he worked with or not, so he didn't say anything. He's so shy! I would have just walked right up and asked you.

By the way, this is related to a previous post of yours but I just wanted to say that I'm really loving NCCU. When I said it was really expensive I wasn't taking into account the fact that you get 3 hours a day of class.

I'll email you soon! =)