Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reason #7? to Love Taiwan


I got off the bus today on the night market side and what was I confronted with but one of those big blue trucks that are so common in Taiwan. If they are not involved in manual labor or construction, they're often used by vendors, and fruit is sold out the back with some fluorescent lights strung up and a big sign saying "Fresh Pineapple" or whatever they are selling.

But not this time.

This one had a huge sign that said "北京烤鴨" (Beijing Duck) and the dude had strung up roasted marinated ducks, a giant wok that sputtered over huge flames and other accoutrements. He was selling Beijing Duck 'to go' - NT250 (about $6 USD) for half a duck (which is just enough for two people with a little left over).

You get duck that can get rolled in crepes with plum sauce on a plate, the little crepes, onions and plum sauce, and he takes the rest, chops it up (bones and all) and stir fries it in all sorts of savory goodness including piles of red chili on extremely high heat for a minute or two. You get it all neatly wrapped up in a large bag with a sturdy plate bottom.

Let me tell you, it tastes mighty fine with the Argentinian Malbec we cracked tonight and a few very lightly cooked vegetables.


MJ Klein said...

we have several of those trucks in Hukou at the day market. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry. I miss those trucks.

Taiwan resident