Monday, August 23, 2010

More Photos from our Taiwan Wedding

I have a few pictures of the food and such, but whatevs, it looks basically like you imagine - cocktail party food. Not really noteworthy as something to put on a blog. Our thoroughly bored cat, however, is always blogworthy.

He always has to be in the same room if we have a lot of guests (he gets very upset if he's separated from the action - very unlike most cats I know who disappear when strangers arrive) but he refuses to show any interest in them. At all. That, at least, is quite cat-like.

Eduardo and Sharon - Friends

The back of my dress, finally looking about as I want it to!

With Teresa (friend)

With Cara and Esther - Sisters and Friends from Taoyuan

The Passing of the Fedora

Eduardo, Sharon, Sasha and Amy (Sasha = Kaohsiung/Luzhou friend, Amy = Sanchong friend, 'cause she's hardcore like that).

Lilian, the Spicy Girl friend. ;) She always has the best dresses - managing to look womanly without looking trampy.

My rehearsal dinner dress - I am not wearing the proper undergarments, and the belt is still a bit too big - it looks more attractive when worn properly of course! I know the photo is all blown-out, but it needed flash and was taken without, so I had to brighten it excessively to get it to show any color or detail.

Still, clearly you can see which cut is more flattering: I like the cowl neck, waist and ruffles on this dress, but when it comes down to it the V-neck, high waisted narrow sash and clean lines of the other dress suit me more.

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