Sunday, September 26, 2010

¡Bienvenidos a Nicaragua!

Colorful storefront in Granada

Storefront in the central market of Granada

View of the cathedral near the Parque Central from Iglesia de la Merced, Granada

Iglesia Xalteva, Granada

Building along one end of the Parque Central, Granada

Bus station shot from the bus, Rivas

Quiet streets of Granada from a church bell tower

View from church bell tower (Iglesia de la Merced)

View from church bell tower

Iglesia de Guadelupe, Granada

View from halfway up Volcan Maderas, Isla de Ometepe
Owl butterfly feeding on ripe soursop (or is it sweetsop?), Ometepe

Politics are a big deal in Nicaragua

Kids stare at me here, too!

Volcan Concepcion, Isla de Ometepe

This graffiti is for Daniel Ortega, the current president and FSLN party member (you rmay remember them from 80s news reports as the Sandinistas. Well, they won.)

Moyogalpa, Isla de Ometepe - the island's biggest town.

Volcano evacuation route on Ometepe, which is made of two volcanoes (Maderas and Concepcion).

Sunset on Lago de Nicaragua from Charco Verde, Ometepe

Isla de Ometepe from a distance on the ferry across Lago de Nicaragua from San Jorge...the two volcanoes are usually topped with clouds.

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