Monday, November 15, 2010

it's iPod Touch Photo Day on Lao Ren Cha!

Ahem. Uh. Guys. Yeah, guys? So. We need to talk. I hate to tell you this but...YOU ARE NOT COOL. You are not 'hip', you are not 'with it', you are not 'all that', and this is a 'fail', not a 'win'. Eric, you are not and never will be James Bond. "New Taipei City So Happy?" Really? Couldn't you have taken the money you threw away on those sunglasses and paid an English editor, perhaps?

Oh yeah. And guys? That stance and the sunglasses makes me feel a little too much like you're about to have me shot for political subversion. Y'all have kind of a *history* with that if y'know what I'm sayin'.

(Photo by Brendan)

Considering the interesting comments on my last post about women and marriage in Taiwan, my next long post is likely to be about men and marriage in Taiwan. I'm no sociologist, but I have been asking around in a very informal, unscientific way (and a way appropriate for class: basically having them read a current events article on birth rates/marriage stats in Taiwan and having it be a discussion question) and am collecting a fair number of Taiwanese men's views on marriage here on the island.

I'd just ask friends, but I seem to have this thing where my expat friends are quite varied by gender (that is, I have some of both), but my Taiwanese friends are almost exclusively female.

Anyway. I'm still working on that because I have to do actual research so in the meantime, please enjoy some fun iTouch photos from around Taipei, including some of election-related gems.

Some of these were taken on Brendan's gadget, but only one was taken while I was not actually there.

Oh, and I cheated with two - the photos that are actually of decent quality were taken on a real camera. But they're still funny.

Domo is gonna eat the kitty. Clearly he likes his meat marbled and fatty.

Young boy on the stairs at an oddly deserted Taipei Main Station, around 11:45pm.

MONKEY! Monkey monkey monkey monkey. Took this one in Nicaragua.

"No Frills Seasoning" kind of scares me.

Jurassic Jewelry...home of the renowned T-rex tooth necklace.

Run of the mill campaign ad, but look at his little cartoon guy in the bottom left. He's Popeye! For real!

This is my favorite guy, the siphon brewin' coffee guy at Drop Coffee House (I mistakenly called them "People Say" but it's Drop). Go spend exorbitant amounts of money on their amazing coffee, and enjoy sitting in a restored Japanese house! Go now!


Protocol Snow said...

That seems more like a Men in Black reference than James Bond.

Jenna said...

Yeah...but Men in Black is passe and James Bond is still (kind of) classic. Horribly sexist but classic. Plus "Eric, you are not and never will be one of the Men in Black" isn't as funny...

Anonymous said...

My first thought was Men in Black, also. And I would watch either Men in Black movie over any James Bond. So I'm kind of passe, too.

Jenna said...

The first movie, sure. I rather liked the first one. The second?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the chemistry between the two actors whose names I never can remember. Enjoyed the special effects and outrageous plot. Enjoyed the humor. It was just fun.

Jenna said...

Will Smith and the other guy? (I want to say Billy Dee Williams but that's the guy from Empire Strikes Back). I'll go look it's Tommy Lee Jones.

I enjoyed the 1st movie but was not wowed by the 2nd. I never meant to say that Men in Black was bad - it's certainly not! It's just from awhile ago, whereas James Bond is still limping along, and makes for better jokes.

(Though Men in Black was funnier).