Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Personal Blog Roll

It's time for the Taiwan blog awards again - yes, that's a link to vote for me, but honestly I'm not too invested in the awards. I write this blog thing because I like doing it and am not terribly concerned with winning. So vote for me if you like, or not, whatevs!

But I figured I'd heed the rallying cry and list a few Taiwan-based blogs I like and regularly follow.

Craig Ferguson Images - Excellent photography from a professional based in Taiwan. Good stuff. If we hadn't had our professional wedding photos done in the USA we would have hired him to do them here.

Shu Flies - a great personal/travel blog about Taiwan written by a fellow female blogger - there aren't enough of us (there was Our Next Great Adventure and New Every Morning but neither seems to post much). There's also Kathmeista whom I've just started looking into.

Other female bloggers based in Taiwan that I haven't discovered yet - hey, tell me. Maybe we could have more of a presence on the Interwebs if we could find and communicate with each other.

David on Formosa - David doesn't really need my introduction or recommendation. He's a fine writer and blogger and far more well-known. :)

The View From Taiwan - You've all certainly heard of Michael Turton, so again this blog needs no introduction from me. I enjoy reading Michael's stuff; I'm somewhat interested in politics (both Taiwanese, American and international) but not to the extent that Michael is.

Bundaegi - This is my husband's blog. He doesn't update often but when he does, I love his insight and dry wit. Fortunately I get to enjoy that every day. You can't vote for him, though, because he's not registered on Taiwanderful.

The Daily Bubble Tea - Again, a well-known and well-liked blog that needs no introduction from me.

Anyway, there you go. Enjoy!


Michael Turton said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Sandy Pei said...

Only few good blogs about Taiwan, Micheal Turnton is definitely in the top 3. So many bloggers try hard, but are not even featured anywhere, while the same old "celebs" are always top contenders, even if they blog less, quality and quantity wise. They had their years of glory, now give way to newcomers, please...

catherine_sr. said...

Thanks for mentioning me Jenna! I gave you a shout out on my blog, too.

Cahleen Hudson said...

Thanks for the mention, even though I'm the laziest blogger ever. I'd love to use my baby as an excuse, but my poor little blog was actually suffering long before he came around. A couple other great female bloggers are The Hungry Girl in Taipei and Carrie at My Several Worlds. Anyway, I love the issues you tackle on your blog. Keep up the good work!