Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Mother.

I just wanted to point out two links to Taiwan blogger musings on this piece on "Chinese parenting" (I hesitate to call it that, though) that are worth a read:

Taiwan-Born American

If I'm going to maintain a basic thematic structure on this blog relating to women's / expat women's issues in Asia, then I feel this is an important item to share.

I have things I could add, but honestly I think these two posts sum it up, and anything I would add was already put in a comment on Catherine's post.

I'm still feeling under the weather (not my fault! The weather is atrocious!) and had a headache for most of the weekend, but things are finally looking up and I'm looking forward to blogging more regularly again!

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Kathmeista said...

I've become so interested in this debate that I've decided that I'll buy the book and read it for myself. That way I can get the full unedited version of what she's saying and see if it really is as bad as it sounds. I doubt I'm going to find very much redeeming in it though!