Friday, March 18, 2011

Ye Old English Guangdong Drinkware: Made in China edition

I am writing a post now about where to find good sweets in Taipei, but got temporarily distracted by this.

"The Fairytale Romantic Union of All the Centuries"

See? Prince William and his lady bride-to-be. No no no, don't argue with me, that's totally Prince William. Guandong Enterprises even says so on their website.

I borrowed the picture from Regretsy, linked below - that site makes me laugh every day but as a one-time resident of China, it made me especially crack up today.

You can read about it here or visit the company website.

(I urge you to visit both).

I won't tell you whether I bought one or not.

Even if it is a hoax, which it may be, it's a pretty funny one.

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Kathmeista said...

*Shock* - you mean she's marrying the wrong brother!! Quick, someone - get Lizzy on the line!!