Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jump: More Photos From The Baosheng Cultural Festival

I'm not really going to comment on this one - the photos say it all. I'm sure you're mostly familiar with the Baosheng Cultural Festival, which takes place every year around this time at Bao'an Temple (one of the best temples to visit in Taipei) to celebrate the birthday of Baosheng Dadi (保生大帝), who is associated with good health and medicine. There's a parade, there are operas, there's firewalking - this year we made it to the parade and will see an opera tonight, but not the firewalking, which I've been to twice previously.

Pictures are in order of the troupes they appeared, and were taken in front of a school on Yanping N. Road (I think Yanping Elementary School), where the road is wide enough to do full performances, unlike in front of many temples in that part of town. I personally enjoyed the last fighting troupe the most - the guys from Kaohsiung in blue and white are SERIOUS fighters, even if this performance is only for show.

I've noticed as I posted these that the photos look kind of darker on Blogger than on my computer. I'm not sure why that is.


OK, I'll comment on this one. Oh my.

My sister, doing duckface with a tall god

I love the city bus going by in the background in this one.


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Please contact me Lisa Phillian my family is from Bitias

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