Thursday, May 3, 2012

Updated Post: Indian Food in Taipei

I've done another update of my post on Indian food in Taipei - go have a look. Three more restaurants listed - three I've actually eaten at and I haven't

New listings are for Bollywood Indian Pizza, Halal Indian Restaurant and Mayur Indian Kitchen.

Updates on Exotic Masala House (closed) and Out of India (open but in danger of closing).

To my frequent commenter Nick - sorry I didn't get back to you in time. I would have liked to have met up and tried Halal Indian Restaurant together. Your comment came just as I was finding out about my family illness issue, so I was kind of preoccupied. I apologize!


susu said...

Thanks for sharing your story. You're such a courageous person. I always believe one can only be truly brave when he knows there's something to fear, to worry.

I'm Lori, whom you met several years ago in the plaza of CKS Memorial Hall. I'm now a high school English teacher in Taichung. Reading your blog has become my daily ritual. I love your witty remarks and sometimes sarcastic but sincere comments :)

Best wishes!!

usen lat said...

I would say the Indian food in Australia was average to below average, there seemed to be a lot of oil in my 2 dishes, flavours really did not stand out at all. I eat out a lot and have travelled all around Australia and overseas I have had much better Indian meals in Australia and overseas.