Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gems of Brick

As ugly as many expats find Taipei, I really don't find it such (although there are plenty of horrifically ugly buildings, I'll grant you that). 

I haven't had much time or energy to post these past few weeks, but I have managed to amass several photos over the past few months highlighting some of the best of Taipei's old architecture - which is thankfully starting to be restored rather than culled. 

I do believe it's worth it to occasionally post a few of these photos, as my tiny, eensy-weensy contribution to an online archive of Taipei's considerable architectural gems - and to remind people that these gems even exist.

So, I'm not going to bother with captions - just enjoy. Most of these photos were taken somewhere in the vicinity of Yanping N. Road, Anxi St., Liangzhou Rd., Dihua Street, Minquan W. Road or some intersection thereof.


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Yuan Huntington said...

I grew up in one of those 'veterans villages' (not sure if you know about those) and left Taiwan for the US when I was 13. I wished I took lots of pictures of the village but there are so few of those pictures in my parents' photo albums. I really miss that place, but it's now all gone to make way for tall apartment buildings. Thanks for capturing these images.