Monday, March 3, 2014

Rangoon In Photos

Had a lot going on in life lately - went to Myanmar (Burma), found out we have to move because the landlady will be letting her sister live here more or less permanently (I'm devastated and Brendan is upset too, although he doesn't show it as much), lots of post-Chinese-New-Year work.

So, in lieu of actually posting something, here are some photos from Rangoon, with more photos of other parts of Myanmar to follow.

 photo 1782272_10152272002846202_422969048_o.jpg

I really enjoyed Yangon (Rangoon) - it's quieter and more manageable than other capital cities in the developing world (I realize it's no longer the capital, but for all intents and purposes it may as well be), and a lot of quiet, faded, somewhat melancholic charm still exists (well, the melancholy has probably been settling over the city over time). In some ways, it's like a smaller, less European version of Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul. It lacks the decent public transportation of other cities but makes up for it with cheap, mostly honest cab drivers.

 photo 1913442_10152263583011202_264386289_o.jpg

And, beyond the temples and Raj-era architecture, it has a few of its own colorful, eccentric gems.

 photo 1557259_10152263582961202_377771773_o.jpg

 photo 1655455_10152263582581202_1598773190_o.jpg

It's got a night life and street food scene not too different from Taipei's: what it lacks in full night markets it makes up for roadside stands selling Burmese, Thai, Indian and Chinese treats and beer gardens, mostly serving noodles, hamburgers and Chinese-style ("Burmese Chinese") food.

 photo 1920954_10152263582566202_1511804131_o.jpg

Rangoon is also incredibly diverse - it is not uncommon to see a guy who looks thoroughly Chinese chatting, in Burmese, with a guy who is obviously South Indian in ancestry, Burmese both being one of their native languages, while a Bamar guy nods in time with the conversation. In fact, we did see that.

 photo 1655657_10152263582786202_480825737_o.jpg

 photo 1090909_10152263582661202_791657868_o.jpg

I did not enjoy the gauntlet-like sidewalks or dim, hazy air, but I did enjoy the vibrant street life, roadside tea shops with low stools (well, my back didn't really enjoy the stools), the temples plopped down in traffic circles and the general time-capsule-just-opened eccentricity of the place...although I do realize that urban character, partly a result of being shut off from the rest of the world for so long, comes at a steep price to the people and the economy they live in.

 photo 1548035_10152263583096202_2123346505_o.jpg

 photo 1547926_10152263583146202_1076008407_o.jpg

 photo 1553213_10152263583231202_549615697_o.jpg

Everywhere you go, you see Buddhas and stupas, Buddhas and stupas. While after awhile they all do start to look the same, if you don't let yourself get too dulled by the Buddhas-and-stupas you'll see that they're all quite different in style and design (well, the Buddhas are. The stupas really all do look about the same). Different sizes, details, clothing, colors, facial expressions, the lot.

 photo 1540459_10152263583226202_1948921516_o.jpg

 photo 1888824_10152263583356202_979752126_o.jpg

 photo 1537971_10152263583431202_1134840047_o.jpg

 photo 1780971_10152263583446202_1427301810_o.jpg

 photo 1602003_10152263583611202_1762393469_o.jpg

 photo 1909292_10152263583771202_1348325942_o.jpg

 photo 1890347_10152263583796202_1224695423_o.jpg

 photo 1534695_10152263583911202_1511537370_o.jpg

 photo 1669730_10152263584101202_1887221116_o.jpg

 photo 1900767_10152263584691202_31716361_o.jpg

 photo 131381_10152263584911202_1634467554_o.jpg

 photo 1064537_10152263585021202_2137466691_o.jpg

 photo 1796010_10152263585106202_1588410650_o.jpg

 photo 1900777_10152263585171202_1623457354_o.jpg

 photo 1911080_10152263640031202_1572044965_o.jpg

 photo 1781269_10152263640601202_945210471_o.jpg

 photo 1500912_10152263640916202_886203982_o.jpg

A dragon races an elephant at Shwedagon Paya photo 1557140_10152263641896202_1109002327_o.jpg

 photo 1891308_10152263642031202_267879007_o.jpg

 photo 1782532_10152263642176202_47494407_o.jpg

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Unknown said...

Hey Jenna! Lovely to see your photos. Ian and I visited Burma in 1987 when you could only spend one week there. It was magic! Let me know if you ever get over to the west coast of Canada. We are in Victoria BC. The girls are now 22 1/2 and almost 20, by the way. Yikes!
Cheers from Ruth