Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm back! And the anthology my work is included in has arrived!

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I haven't posted this month because I spent most of it in the US, attending a friend's wedding and visiting family. 

I came home to a keyboard that won't type the letter "f" (I have to copy-paste), dead plants, two healthy but upset cats, a destroyed paper lamp, stuff otherwise taken care of. But overall I'd say more bad than good. 

But I also came home to this! My paper copy of "How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit? True Stories of Expat Women in Asia". I've already read it, of course, but it's nice to have a real paper copy of a book you're included in, in your hands, in real physical print. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenna,

This question is not in response to the post, but to an interview I read of yours on Expat Arrivals ( In it, you recommend using closet dehumidifiers to address mold. Do you know where I might find one in Taipei? Perhaps ordering off of Taobao? My closet is a huge moldy mess right now; my room somehow feels more humid and stuffy than the rest of the house and even outside, and I am basically ready to try anything. Sorry for the non sequitur comment. Any advice would be appreciated.


Jenna Cody said...

You can get them at any Carrefour, general goods store, most supermarkets like Wellcome etc. and they're cheap. They look like this:

...or something similar (some are round). You take the foil off the top but not the foam layer, before replacing the plastic screen, and put them in a corner of your closet until they are full. They also work for shoe cabinets and drawers. They're always plastic but the thing inside them that absorbs the moisture is often different (sometimes capsules, gel, foam, charcoal, powder etc. or they just have a space for water to collect in as they pull it out of the air).

You can buy more expensive ones including some that are battery-operated but these work fine. Just be sure to get dehumidifiers, not deodorizers which look similar but are smaller.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much! Do you know how I would ask for these in Chinese? Would 除濕機 (chu shi ji) be appropriate?

Jenna Cody said...

Surprisingly, I don't! A local friend showed them to me early in my life here, and ever since then I just buy them because I know what they look like. So I never bothered to learn the Chinese name.

When I get to a word like that that I don't know, I usually just describe the thing. But I can easily ask a local friend if you don't have someone you can ask.

Jenna Cody said...

除濕盒 is what you want - it's a box, not a machine.

Anonymous said...

Found them just fine! Thank you so much. Now I just need to address the rest of the room..