Friday, December 9, 2016

You really need to come to the marriage equality rally this Saturday


It is rare that I write a blog post that makes a direct request, but here we are.

If you care about Taiwan, and you stand for what is right, you will come to the rally this Saturday (1pm-8pm, show up whenever) at Ketalagan Boulevard, or to Taichung Pride on the 17th, or both.

I usually make snarky jokes and throw expletives around like I'm tossing necklaces off a Mardi Gras float. This is because a.) it's fun, b.) I like it, but also c.) probably I don't want to come across as too vulnerable, setting myself up for a post that is important to me that nobody really cares about, though I do occasionally break down those barriers and manage to eke something out that is real and hard to say, with a minimal number of F-bombs.

This is one of those times.

Please come to the marriage equality rally this Saturday. I am nakedly, pleadingly asking you with an awkward level of sincerity to show up. I even made a video, and to prove that I am willing to be 100% sincere about this, I'm going to link to it here.

I'll even tell you in passably awful Chinese:

我不常用臉書或我的部落格為了呼籲人來做什麼事。但是,現在台灣真的正處在一個十字路口。立法院在思考婚姻平權,委員在觀察上個星期反對平權的抗議和這個禮拜六支持婚姻平權的行動。跟反對平權抗議比一比,我們需要更多人站出來。如果人少,立法委員一定要覺得台灣人不是認真支持婚姻平權。一個人都是一個人而已,但是,為了讓參加的人數超過200,000,每個人都很重要,懇請每個人都來參加! 你們都知道婚姻平權就是對的道路,也知道大部分的台灣人支持,可是如果你不願意真的站出來,立法院怎麼知道?所以你們現在有機會作出改變。我非常認真要求大家禮拜六站出來,share那個活動的po文,鼓勵你們的朋友來。台灣在這個十字路口不能往後走。我們同志朋友值得真的平權,不能等幾年。這件是需要現在做的事,我們不能錯過往前走的機會!

I am doing so even though if this post makes it to Reddit, I'm sure I'll have like ten jerk commenters tell me I'm fat or my Chinese is bad (both are true, you can't hurt me), and I'll have to flag those comments as Spam (the closest thing I can do to blocking them.) This is annoying to me, but I am willing to do that to convince you that I am completely sincere and open in quite literally and nakedly asking you to please come to the marriage equality rally this Saturday. 

Putting up with gross sexist troll comments is practically Jesus-level stuff, but I am happily opening myself up to it in the name of marriage equality.

Why do I care so much?

Because the Legislative Yuan is watching.

I mean, not me (though if someone weren't keeping tabs on me given how often I attend protests, I'd be a bit surprised and maybe a little insulted), but us. Because the polls consistently showing that marriage equality is supported by a majority of Taiwanese, and a neutral issue for many more (meaning only a tiny minority oppose it) are apparently not enough, they are watching the Bigot Rally last Saturday and the Good People Rally this Saturday to get a sense of public opinion or support for this issue. Perhaps some are a bit, let's say, not as brave as they could be and want to know that if they pass it, they won't get angry mail.

What that means is that the numbers actually matter. Your presence matters. Every single person matters.

The anti-gay rally on Saturday was estimated at 200,000. We need to not only top that but dwarf it. It actually matters that you be there. Even one more body, if enough people decide to lend their bodies, means something.

This isn't for fun. This isn't like "hey let's go check out the protest wheeee". The people who actually have the power to change the civil code are watching and it really counts this time. 

Do what you can. Write to your legislator (I wrote to mine even though I can't vote for him). Share the event page and encourage your friends to attend. For the sake of all that is good - as in, this is the right and good thing to do - show up. 

Equal rights for all Taiwanese depend on it.

I'm not joking.

If you are my friend, share the event page and show up. If you are a loyal reader, do the same. If you hate my guts, that's cool, do it because it's the right thing to do. I don't care.

Just show up. Do what's right.

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Joshua Samuel Brown said...

(repost - original had typo)

Packing up and readying to head back to Taiwan for the next project, wound up having dinner with a friend of ours, a young man as "bi-furious" as they come, not to mention a member of the Furry persuasion (I'm assuming your readers will know what this means - mine sure do!). He's been vacillating, a young man of expatriation age facing an increasingly conservative homeland. As he was saying his goodbyes to my partner at the door I was checking Facebook (awful addiction), and came across your feed from the rally.

"Get in here!" I roared, pausing the Portland Goodbye and Goodnight formalities, because I felt strongly that our bi-furious furry freak brother NEEDED to understand why TAIWAN, and why NOW, and you were the person broadcasting it better than anyone else.

Keep doing what you do. We'll be back next month, ready to collaborate if you'll have us.

Until then, JSB aka Snarky Tofu