Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All Sortsa Extra Photos

Egyptian Relief Carving, Karnak

Various photos from the trip that I never posted from Egypt and Southern India. We're at our respective families' homes now, visiting relatives and relaxing until it's time to head to Washington DC to see our old college friends. It's entirely too cold here, and Taipei-acclimated hothouse orchid that I am, 35 degrees feels like -100 to me. DC is apparently very pleasant and while I'll miss my family, I'm looking forward to warmer climes.

Painting in Karnak

Veggie Shopping in Luxor

Luxor Temple and Old Saint's Tomb

Kathakali in Kerala

Planting Crops in Wayanad

Theyyam in northern Kerala - this was the first guy to invite possession by the gods of this small temple 20km from Kannur

Stones and Sand in Kannur on hte Malabar Coast

Kathakali performance - a female demon captures women for her brother's pleasure

The demon disguised as a beautiful woman tries to seduce a warrior (the dude in green)

Makeup for Kathakali

Cochin Fisherman and his net

Feeding the Pigeons at the Jain Temple

Window in "Jew Town" (hey I didn't choose the name)

Cochin Harbor

God Heads at an Antique Store

Syrian Christian Advertising, Cochin

In India, Nothing is so Special as the Relationship Between a Man and His Bike

The Malayalis are big on democratically-elected Communist governments.

1100-year old Moppila Muslim mosque, Calicut

Sunset in Cochin

Tribal Matriarch, Wayanad, Kerala

Shiva Nataraj, Elephanta Island, Mumbai

Coptic Christian relief in Cairo

Gods and Stuff on Trees

Cairo Pot

Tiny Lamps Light Up the Night, in Ernakulam, Kerala

Sunset on the Nile, Aswan

Tea pots, Cairo

Gateway to the Khan el-Khalili

Lamps in a Mosque, Cairo

Man Making Wall Hangings, Cairo (formerly Tent-makers Street)

Lamps and pots in Luxor

Huge Columns of Karnak, Luxor


Giant Broken Obelisk, Karnak

Gateway of Ramses II, Karnak

The Deserts of Nubia, Aswan

Aswan Souq

Ruins of Abu, Elephantine Island, Aswan

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Andres said...

wonderful photos. egypt is on my list of places to visit before i die!