Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Most Famous Tourist Site On Earth

I really don't see the need to blog much commentary about this - I think the images are pretty darned self-explanatory.

One comment I will make, however, is that we weren't so much awed by the beauty or awe of the Pyramids, or even so much by their history (though when you think about that, it is quite moving - more time has elapsed between the building of the Pyramids and the reign of Cleopatra than has passed between Cleopatra's time and the present day). We were instead awed by being at - actually touching - the most famous monuments in the world. Among the most well-known and photographed things on Earth.

Oh, and even the people who will ostensibly drive you to the Pyramids are in on the "ride a horse" racket. Our guy didn't take us to the main entrance. That said, we had wanted to take horses anyway so it wasn't a big deal. It's merely important to remember to haggle them down to a reasonable price (80 Egyptian pounds per hour not including admission is fair. We paid a bit more but I was too tired to chop it down a few more pounds).

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