Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stop...Venue Time!

Finally. Sure took us long enough. It's a unique challenge: being from/getting married in the Hudson Valley (a gorgeous area that is sometimes a destination wedding region, and is correspondingly expensive compared to what people who live there actually make on average) but being on a budget, and having a huge family and wanting to throw a nice party, who can't possibly fit in your backyard or conceivably be OK with a 1:100 ratio of bathrooms to people - the other is under renovation - and yet at the heart of it being 'backyard wedding' sort of people.

But after looking, and my parents admitting they were willing to help pay to throw that nice party because they want it as badly or more badly than we do - we settled on Locust Grove.

We've been looking at it from the beginning, but discounted it due to the rather high cost and the fact that nothing can take place until 5pm. One of my grandparents goes to bed around that time. But - when you factor in how we won't have to rent anything or get any other vendors involved except for food, the price is actually pretty good...and we'll get Grandma a hotel room so she can rest before and after as she sees fit.

We're pretty stoked - it's the former home of Samuel F.B. Morse. Hopefully you've taken Middle School History class and know who he is, but just in case you didn't, he invented the telegraph. Which people no longer use, but that's beside the point. It was a turning point in long-distance communication. Brendan and I are history buffs of a sort (it was his major in college and I would have ended up with a minor in it if I hadn't studied abroad in India) so we're pretty stoked.

Without further ado, our venue, booked and signed:

The main house - an Italianate villa (which sounds so pretentious)

The reception hall from outside

The reception hall from inside

The outdoor area

I'm not really a Big White Dress kind of person. I probably won't even wear white. Or a white-like color (I like blue and copper). But aside from the fact that I definitely won't look like that girl *or* spend as much money as she probably spent on that dress, here's one angle of the ceremony location.

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