Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tainan, Take Four

So I taught a seminar in Tainan on Monday, and because I had to be there anyway, Brendan and I went down on the HSR the day before to hang out and explore some more. This was our 4th trip to Tainan and we always find something new to do.

But first, I present to you The Circle of Life:

Isn't it interesting to see a predator and his natural prey duking it out, tooth and claw and fin, dancing to the song of wild nature?

Some things we saw in Tainan:

The Old City Wall and South Gate

This isn't a very good photo, but the Temple of the Five Concubines - these 5 concubines of a historic king hanged themselves when he was overthrown and executed.

A cool dragon.

Two lovers growing old together, sitting under a gnarled tree.

Tainan has fabulous trees.

The 1960s KMT-redecorated Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong) shrine that was closed the last time we came down.

The Dizang Wang (Lord of Hell) temple where locals commune with the dead, with dusty old tall god statues that, for the dim light and dark atmosphere, were utterly terrifying, and their equally creepy headgear....

...as well as gory murals of Hell on the wall.

Then the city God Temple, with an exhibition room that they'll open for you showing the pieces of the old temple that have fallen off:

This temple is famous for being the place of the god who judges your good and evil deeds, counting them up on one of the two giant

abacuses (one over the door, one in the side exhibition room). The sign over the entrance says "You Have Come At Last" in Chinese.

Then, some other temples:

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