Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Elixir of Life!

Ambrosia! The Fountain of Youth! Nectar of the Gods!

I have found it! Come one, come all, and taste the divine!

The chips are also good (mmm - Pinoy favorites) but what I mean is the Come Buy Chocolate Pudding Milk Tea (加布丁巧克力奶茶). It's milk tea - you know, that overly sweet, cornstarch-tacular concoction so popular in the summer - but with chocolate. And pudding. (The vanilla-dark caramel flavor that is so popular here and marketed as "creme brulee" - as if).

I think I can make it even better though. I am going to see if I can get chocolate caramel - or chocolate almond, or chocolate hazelnut - milk tea. Oooh, chocolate caramel hazelnut milk tea!

Then I'll start by adding tapioca pearls, so it'll be chocolate caramel hazelnut pudding pearl milk tea.

Then...coconut jelly!

Chocolate caramel hazelnut pudding pearl coconut QQ tea!

Or I could see if I can get almond jelly instead and get chocolate coconut pudding pearl almond QQ tea with a shot of caramel.

I know.

You think I'm crazy.

But this stuff is so inexcusably sweet even in normal forms that I think it hardly matters: if I'm going to drink it in the first place (which I do, but not often) then why not amp it up to ridiculous proportions?


Carmen said...

Like Bubble Tes here in States I think?

Jenna said...

yes, like bubble tea in the USA, but bubble tea here is shaken and made...differently than pearl milk tea.

I got the same, but with coconut jelly and pudding in the chocolate milk tea. YUMMY!

Next, I'll get brandy chocolate milk tea, pudding, coconut jelly and coffee jelly.

It is a race to the death to see HOW MUCH SUGAR I can cram into that plastic cup.