Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm on a boat (Dragon Boat 2010 - Bitan Edition)

OK, not me. I wasn't on any boat. But here are some photos from our day spent on the river at Bitan enjoying the Dragon Boat races. We aren't big fans of the Dajia races (too citified - too many people, too crowded, too blah, same-old-same-old) and didn't think we'd make it to Zhoumei in time. Longtan is too far, so Bitan it was.

It was a good trip: easy to get to by MRT (Xindian station, turn left on exit), crowded with a festival atmosphere but not too crowded, local enough, politicians everywhere campaigning for upcoming elections, good food (we had delicious aboriginal mountain pig and disgusting corn dogs, and hey, Taiwan beer on tap at 10am) and good company (we hung out with some Amis aborigines cheering for their tribe's rowing team).

That's how he rolls.

It was really hot. And humid. I'd do the same if I were a kid.

Head of a dragon boat.

This guy, whose house is in the woods across the river, was protesting the cutting down of forest along the river to create Bitan park and the view from the (frankly hideous) apartments beyond. It destroyed his view. I can't say I disagree, but Bitan Park is also nice. It's just those horrid apartments...

Two teams - one Amis, one I think a women's team, competing.

Getting ready to go.

...and that's how *he* rolls...

A team after their race was done, having lunch on the steps.

Part of the stage show included drummers and lion dancers, as well as a professional drink mixer and two really bad live singers.

DOG IN A BAG!! 好可愛喔!

Hey, let's have the Cub Scouts sell straw insects in front of the Beer on Tap truck. Uh huh. (The beer was nice and cold and as crisp as Taiwan beer can be, btw).

This was from before we discovered the Beer Truck.

The flag capturer has one job. Guess what it is.

Drumming show at about 10am.

...and that's just how *I* roll.

A women's rowing team. We saw lots of teams of all or mostly women, which was refreshing.

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