Monday, May 23, 2011

Restaurant Recommendation: Golden Peacock Burmese

Golden Peacock Restaurant (金孔雀) - Burmese
#48-1 Huaxin Street (Burma Street)
Zhonghe, New Taipei City
MRT Nanshijiao Exit 4, exit, turn left, keep walking, turn left again on Huaxin Street


Just popping in to recommend this place - the food is excellent and while I've never been to Myanmar, I have traveled in that part of the world and I can say that it holds up as tasting authentic.

Other restaurants on this street are also excellent, but so far this place is my favorite. There are different dishes you can choose from already set out - get the chicken in curry gravy and the powdered or pickled mango rice flavorings for sure. Their noodles are great, too, whether you get the thicker or thinner ones.

Make sure to finish up with tea or coffee - we got iced coffee and it was delicious and very Southeast Asian. It had a lot more flavor than what you usually get at upmarket Thai restaurants here.

Golden Peacock is not even remotely high-end, but the food is fantastic!


jenny said...

There is a Burma Street in Taipei? Do tell more!

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

It's in Zhonghe, MRT Nanshijiao. Go to exit 4, exit and turn right and keep going past the Texas Instruments building, past the Y-intersection...maybe 500 meters down you'll reach it on the left, called Huaxin Street (Cafe 85 on the corner). There is Burmese decoration at the entrance so it's hard to miss.