Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have a Big Scary Work Thing coming up tomorrow so I don't have the energy to write a thoughtful post - which is too bad, as I'm working on a post about sexism at work, another on intercultural relationships (a friend of mine's marriage has recently gone bust, which has me musing on the subject) and yet another on relationships and the expat challenge. I just haven't got it in me to finish off any of those posts tonight. I'll try to do one on the weekend.

Also, something I find interesting about blogging - how as a blogger I have no idea which of my posts are going to be popular and which aren't (or will garner less notice). For instance, I was really happy with A Million Landscapes, One Beautiful Country and felt that The Expat Myth, while good, was not my best work...and yet The Expat Myth is winging its way across the Internet and my beloved *heart Taiwan* post is getting nominal notice. Huh.


Next post coming, as I have no mental capacity to write something hard-hitting: finding the best pizza in Taipei. When feeling stressed, talk about pizza, beer, coffee, chocolate or all of the above!

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Catherine Shu said...

I've noticed that the posts I get the most comments on are either pretty personal (the one about depression, body image and being Asian) or express strong opinions on already touchy topics (Tiger Mom, stereotypes about interracial relationships). I love hearing other POVs and getting instant feedback, but I don't have the time or energy (mental or emotional) to write those posts except once in a while.

When people tell me why they follow my blog, however, they usually mention the other posts I do (ones about quirky places to visit, random musings on Asian American identity, guides like the ones to yarn stores). Those don't get a lot of comments, but they keep readers around. The post that receives the most hits daily (how to write letters in Chinese) hasn't received a new comment in years (I mean, I would sure love a new comment... I want to know if I got my info right!).

So even if you aren't getting feedback on certain posts, people are definitely reading and learning a lot of new things!
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