Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Firewalking For Beginners: my latest for Taiwan Scene

I'm back as a guest contributor to Taiwan Scene, this time writing about firewalking in Donggang...but not the way you think. It's actually about being a female traveler faced with sexist (yes, sexist) religious traditions, and having entirely the wrong response to them - something I can only admit now.

In any case, enjoy. 


Zla'od said...

This Thousand Year Old Grandfather thing is basically the plot from Lovecraft's "Dagon." I guess that guy wanted to spare you, an outsider, from turning into a fish.

Alan Shaw said...

Very interesting and nuanced take. I've shared the article with the friend whom I'm taking to our first boat burning this year.

Also makes me sorry we're missing that first night of the festival, but we'll be in Taipei at another colorful festival: Pride!