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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Potty Humor

On a sunny Saturday, all I can say is please enjoy some random photos from bathroom stalls. In no other country have I seen as many weird signs in bathrooms as in Taiwan. This deserves to be noted - celebrated, even.

Why would you throw a hot dog into the toilet?

Purple - OK. Maybe you ate too much red dragonfruit. The grayish color could be baby poop. But if your poo is bright orange or red, shouldn't you see a doctor?

Friday, May 13, 2011

iPhone Photo Day II on Lao Ren Cha!

What I want to know is who throws a hot dog, complete with ketchup, into the toilet.

Someone put sunglasses on her dog and took him to Da'an Park.

A sculpture near the SOGO in Tianmu. For serious. What were they thinking?

What's funny about this - if I have to tell you - is that "big brother octopus" is "predicting" that it is dangerous to park or drive your car on train tracks.

I really needed an octopus to tell me that.

I love this building. I can't figure out where it is, but I can see it from the HQ of one company I teach at near Raohe Night Market - from the mountains, it seems to be north of Bade Road. Someday I'll set out on foot to try and get a better photo. From the 1950s tailfin balconies to the color scheme to the weird cement artsy touches, I just adore it. I'd want to live there if it were nearer the MRT.

I wonder what we'll see from this up-and-coming young political star, Mayor Chen! (found in a used bookstore).

Baby Panda Tumor Go!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Haha. hahahaha. Haha.

Now I feel a little bad - I haven't had time to update in the way I'd like these past few weeks. It's not wedding planning (please shoot me if I ever spend so much time planning a party that I don't have time to write or do anything fun) - it's work. This month (and October to some extent) has been busy, because this is the time of year when accounting firms seem to have a lot of downtime and buy lots and lots and lots of seminars. You'd think with the end of the year coming that wouldn't be true, but hey, it seems to be - at least in Taiwan.

For the past two weekends, for example, I would have loved to have gone hiking or done something fun, but I actually had weekend seminars. Not long-term courses at least, but still.

To fill the void a bit, here are some fun pictures for you that are of nothing in particular:

No blog post with random photos is complete without My Nuts.

(I realize plenty of relatives and soon-to-be relatives read this blog, but I also figure I've put my foot in my mouth so many times thanks to my chronic foot-in-mouth disease that it's basically all cool at this point. And come on, this is a really funny name for a bag of nuts.)

Yeah! You better not let your least not ANYWHERE!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" (cue sleigh bells)

"Are you going to iron? I love irons! They're warm like MY heater which is MINE."

Mmmmm delicious grilled tentacles.