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Monday, January 16, 2017

KMT "luminaries" sing PPAP and the results are glorious

So, another quickie.


You have not lived until you've watched KMT Chairperson Hypnotoad Hung Hsiu-chu, along with two vaguely-familiar-looking old whoevers and some young women in hot pants (and some other hangers-on in I Love KMT t-shirts) in ATT4Fun (a crowded, annoying department store) singing that Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen "song". Go ahead, watch it. 

KMT Chair Hung Hsiu-Chu

I think this is fine - it's a bunch of awkward, stiff, geriatric and out-of-date losers whose political rhetoric makes no sense awkwardly and stiffly dancing to some nonsensesong made famous once - and already past its expiry date - by a guy dressed like Blanche Devereaux after a stroke so it's fitting, really. I mean talking about how Taiwan and China should enter unification talks immediately - and thinking this is the right way for your party to go to crawl its way back to power, this is the message that's going to win you all the votes - makes about as much sense as "UGH! Pineapple Pen!"

I'm just curious how they managed to put this up in October and still only get 251 views. This is the greatest thing I've seen all month, so great that I'm writing a blog post with no clear purpose other than to let you all know about it.

It reminds me of those old DPP protest rap "songs". You know the ones, unless you've blocked them out of your memory. The ones from back when the DPP was an opposition party and they'd stage protests that never had any impact where, like, Annette Lu and maybe some guy would get on stage and sing groundbreaking lyrics like "一,二,三!我們都愛台灣!" except maybe not even that good, and you wanted to pretend it was just a silly protest chant but the Casio demo song "backbeat" made it painfully, embarrassingly clear that no, this was a "rap" song composed by the older generation of Taiwanese politicians? You remember that, right?

Well, this is better.

This made my day.

Carry on.